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Excaliburrito needs to be a real thing! (The Neighbors)

I watch The Neighbors, and I like it. But since they moved to 8:30 on Fridays, I don't watch it live anymore, and have a bunch of episodes saved up on my TiVo. I finally got to some of them yesterday, including episode 3 "The Neighbours".

But whether or not you think the show is good is besides the point. The start of the episode has a character working at a chain called Salsa Castle. And when you get a burrito, you can have it "knighted" with a cheese dispenser shaped like a sword, and then the burrito is dubbed "Excaliburrito".


I would very much like for this to become a real thing so I can order and then eat one. That is all.

ETA: I would also like to see these made real:

The quatro queso dos fritos from Psych (although there seem to already be homemade recipes for this online).

And the Leaning Tower of Pizza Burger from King of Queens

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