If you are reading this then I have succeeded in my efforts to send a message from my present to your present which is, in fact, my future. Of course, I won't know if it succeeded until my future self sees the message, at which time it will be a message from my past self, not my present self. Wibbly-wobbly, etc., etc.

I noticed last night (maybe it's been there all along) that there's now a button to tell Kinja when to publish a post. Which is pretty cool and will come in really handy when I'm on vacation next month and might not have the time or inclination to publish TMIT. That will be the first part of the experiment; to discover the limits and parameters of pre-posting. The second part will be to determine if pre-posted items can be directed to share across blogs, i.e. on the O-deck and Groupthink at the same time.