Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I'm an almost 50 year old bachelor with no children so I'm a bit out of the demographic for the new movie Divergent. Fortunately for me over at Smithsonian.com they wrangled four seventh graders to explain the book (they haven't seen the movie yet).


Here are some quotes:

Do you think Divergent was written with boys or girls specifically in mind?

Maddie: I think it was definitely aimed a girls.

Nick: It was definitely aimed at girls.

Nils: Yeah, but it turned out to be fine for both.

What do your teachers think of the book series?

Nick: My teacher, no matter what it was, would describe it as "tight."

Maddie: My English teacher actually owns them – and Percy Jackson and The Hunger Games.


Nick: My mom gave a giant lecture to me about this how basically authors today don't know what good literature is.

Nils: I'd rather have a fun read, than good literature.

Do you plan to see the movie?

All: Yes!

The article has spoilers so read at your own risk here.


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