I’m sure Brawl would normally tell us about this, but since he may be busy traveling for work, there’s a sale on Fables Vol collections, with each available for $4.99 on Comixology, or if you prefer they’re also the same price in the Kindle Store and Google Play Books.

Update (7/22): Comixology has Vol. 1-21, Google Play has Vol. 1-21, with Vol. 22 up for pre-sell (at $9.99, not the $4.99 sale price), and the Kindle Store only goes up to Vol. 20. Which means I’ll be breaking up my digital collection between platforms (Vol 1-11 on Kindle, 12-21 on Comixology).

The sale also includes the Fairest & Jack of Fables series (thanks Unimplied!)

And the one-shot Werewolves of the Heartland.

Apparently the sale is in honor of the series’ last volume (22).

The Comixology sale notes that it’s available until 7/27, so there’s a good chance the Kindle Store & Google Play Books will keep their sale going until then too. I checked Comixology’s & Amazon’s UK sites and they also have the same sale, which means it’s not limited to the US, so check your country’s site just in case.


I’ve only read Vols 1-3, and really liked them.

ETA (7/22): The basic idea is that a long time ago, all the character from various fairy tales (aka The Fables) moved to our world to escape an Adversary. They had an amnesty policy, and live in Fable Town. The first story is a murder mystery and it only gets better from there.


If you liked the basic concept of Once Upon a Time but not the constantly changing personalities or overall storytelling, you’ll probably like Fables.

I like the app interface of Comixology more than the other 2, but since I already got the first 3 collections from the Kindle Store I’ll probably stay consistent with that. Update: since the Kindle store doesn’t seem to have Vol. 21 for sale, I might as well switch to Comixology from Vol. 12.


Happy reading!