This week we're back to our regularly scheduled Face Off contest. Since it's early September, it's time to think Halloween and horror. Results (including one genuine surprise) ahead.

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

We start with a Foundation Challenge where each contestant creates their own version of Bloody Mary. Rachael wins with her face stealer and is immune from elimination this week.

Halloween Horror Nights Challenge

The Spotlight Challenge this week is for each contestant to choose a made up horror movie poster and create the villain that goes with it. The winner of the challenge will also have their design be in this year's Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.


There were several decent designs but none of them really made me say "Wow." But part of that may be because I'm not a big horror fan. Anyway here are some highlights.

Rachael doesn't coast on her immunity and is one of the top looks.


Cig was also a top look. Bonus points for those pants.


George's Axe Girlfriend won this week. I liked how he made something pretty horrific without excessive gore and blood.


On the other end we have Dina and her attempt at a murderous reindeer. She was fortunate to not be the worst look of the week. That honor went to...


Sasha and her design. But in a surprise move the judges used their one save to keep her on the show. I'm not sure this was the time to use it but Sasha is saved.

All images are from the Face Off Syfy site and you can see all the designs here and here.