Vampire squid creature by Cat and Nico (aka Team Love)

Syfy’s Face Off is back for Season 11 this week. The current season has sixteen previous contestants (one from all the way back in Season 1) returning for a second chance to win. Everyone is past the initial learning curve so the premiere hits the ground running, or swimming in this case.

Results ahead.

McKenzie arrives by Coast Guard helicopter to introduce this week’s challenge. Each team will design an alien creature based on an aquatic creature. For the first time ever, contestants will be utilizing green screen technology so they can make parts of the model disappear.

The contestants have been formed into two-person teams beforehand and eliminations will be by team, i.e. a double elimination. To keep the season from being half as long eliminations are done every other week. This week the winning team of the challenge has immunity during next week’s challenge and the cycle repeats - immunity challenge then elimination challenge.


Ben and Evan (who each have a t-shirt with the other’s face on it) have trouble with their Japanese spider crab creature which lands them in the Bottom Looks. I would say it was the worst look of the episode.

Jasmine and Stella didn’t fully think through the design and the model’s hands (invisible on the green screen image) pass in front of visible parts of the design, ruining the illusion created by the green screen. They are also a Bottom Look.


Rachael and Gage (who call themselves Team Rage) created a minimalist skeleton shrimp that effectively used the green screen effect. It was a Top Look (and my personal favorite of the episode) but not the winning design.


The winning look belonged to Keaghlan and Melissa (aka Team Mer-wolf). Like Team Rage they effectively used the green screen to create something distinctive. All the elements of their design worked well together and the judges were impressed. Keaghlan and Melissa have immunity for next week’s challenge.


I like that no one was eliminated this week. Most of the teams haven’t worked together before and this week gives them a chance to get their groove without the immediate threat of elimination. I assume by finale time the remaining contestants will be working individually so there will be one winner of the season.

McKenzie Westmore wore a flight suit to introduce the challenge and her reveal stage look is on the right.

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap, the Syfy website and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.