Or the crew of the International Space Station prepares for spacewalks later this month. Am I the only one who finds those suits with the covered heads a little creepy in a Doctor Who villain sort of way?

NASA astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Mike Hopkins continue to prepare for their spacewalks that start on Saturday to replace a faulty pump module.


In a news conference yesterday Lead Spacewalk Officer Allison Bolinger explained what the astronauts would be doing during the spacewalks. Since the water leak issue in the U.S. spacesuits hasn't been isolated and fixed, she also showed two improvised measures for the astronauts if a leak occurs during the spacewalks - a large absorbent pad to soak up leaking water and a snorkel if water collects around the astronaut's nose and mouth. (I was a little disappointed that she didn't produce a beaker of blue liquid to demonstrate the absorbancy of the pad.)

The Russian cosmonauts are also preparing for a planned spacewalk on December 27.


All images from NASA TV