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Well folks, here we are at another Monday, which means another Fact Of The Day. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are thrilled that a new week is upon us. If not, I hope you’re at least faking it well enough to make it believable to your boss.


Well it’s my attempt at one but obviously you SG1 guys are a tough audience. Anyway, onto business.

Did you know that Richard Dean Anderson was made an honorary Air Force Brigadier-General by the Air Force & honored by the Air Force Associtation in 2004 for his positive portrayal of an Air Force officer?

Well you couldn’t.....that’s why I do this column everyday. Well to start let’s see what the Encyclopedia That Was Diffidently Not Made By Aliens Posing As Egyptian Gods Except When It It Is has to say on the matter.

At the Air Force Association’s 57th Annual Air Force Anniversary Dinner in Washington, D.C., on September 14, 2004, then-Air Force Chief-of-Staff, General John P. Jumper,[14] presented Anderson with an award because of his role as star and executive producer ofStargate SG-1, a series which portrayed the Air Force in a positive light from its premiere.[15] Anderson was also made an honorary Air Force brigadier general.[16]


Rdanderson.com is the official website for Richard Dean Anderson, with his stamp of approval on the front and they have a really nice writeup of the event.

This is what the Pentagon had to say about the event.

Richard Dean Anderson will also not be forgotten by those whose lives he touched during his visit to Washington, DC. In an official statement from the Pentagon, a spokesperson commented:

“The Air Force was extremely honored to have Richard Dean Anderson visit the Pentagon on 14 September. During his visit he graciously took the time to sign autographs and have photos taken with anyone that asked, he was a true professional. We are very proud of his portrayal of Colonel, now Brigadier General, Jack O’Neill. Gen. O’Neill may at times be brash and irreverent, but there is no doubt of his patriotism and dedication to his job. We also congratulate Mr. Anderson on his promotion to ‘Honorary Brigadier General - USAF.’ “

The Walter Reed Medical Center released the following statement:

“It was very gracious of Richard Dean Anderson to visit service members who were wounded, injured or became ill during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He was very generous with his time, and our patients and staff enjoyed receiving advice from the noted medical authority, ‘Dr. Jeff Webber’. We thank Mr. Anderson and the many other celebrities who have visited our patients at Walter Reed. We’re grateful to all of them.”


Richard talked about when then current Air Force Chief Of Staff Michael E. Ryan played himself in the Season 4 episode “Prodigy” We go back down the Wiki-Gate.

Richard Dean Anderson later recalled asking the general during filming if he had subordinates as irreverent as Anderson’s character Jack O’Neill. Ryan replied, “Son, yes, we’ve got colonels like you and worse.”[4]


Don’t worry it’s late here and I need sleep so we’re wrapping up. There was a DVD Extra on the Season 8 set called “SG-1 Beyond the Gate: An Air Force Experience with Richard Dean Anderson”. Vimeo user Mitch Miller uploaded it if you want to see parts of the event and hear Richard’s thoughts on being honored by the Air Force. He goes into a lot of detail of the show’s development, mkainly relating to how they wanted to work with the millitary and ensure everything they did was accurate and how a real Air Force unit would operate under a similar scenario.


If you want a smaller version YouTuber SummerDanni has a video of the event as well.

That’s pretty much all i have for this topic. But since I don’t know when I will do another RDA or Stargate column again, here is something fun to end it on. First we have Richard and his band “Ricky Dean and Dante” he was in with his friend Carl Dante. Yes that is real, it came straight from his bio on the previously mentioned RDA approved website.

You can so tell it’s him. And finally, here he is serenading us with the classic tune “Honesty Is Best Policy” from the 1982 TV movie “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers”.

With that, I wish you a fond day and I will see you all on the next Fact Of The Day.


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