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Fact of the day - 7/16/15

I decided that since Pluto is still on everyone’s mind I would continue the theme of Pluto related topics for the rest of the week.

Did you know that Pluto was where the Enterprise-B was headed at the beginning of Star Trek Generations?


The movie begins with a ceremony, with Scotty, Chekov and Kirk being the celebrity guests for the maiden voyage of the USS Enterprise-B. Aside from a question what Riker thought was most innovative about the ship that Berlinghoff Rasmussen asks in TNG episode “A Matter Of Time” and the model of the ship we see with the others in Picard’s Ready Room, very little was known about the ship prior to this movie. From the Memory Alpha article on Pluto...

In 2293, the maiden voyage of the USS Enterprise-B was planned as a “quick run around the block”, taking the ship out beyond Pluto and then returning to spacedock. However, the flight plan was abandoned when the Enterprise received adistress call from the SS Lakul. (Star Trek Generations)

IMDB has the script for the movie. John Harriman is the captain of the ship, managing what he thought would be a simple PR meet and greet type voyage.

 12 INT. ENTERPRISE-B - BRIDGE 12  A short time later. Harriman turns to his guests.  HARRIMAN  Well... we’ve just cleared the asteroid belt. Our course will take us out beyond Pluto and then back to spacedock. Just a quick run around the block


That is until the plot came to visit. Here is the full opening if you want to see the whole scene.

I can only hope, that as we continue to let new information about that orb, floating so far away in the heavens, that someday traveling there will be simply a “quick run around the block”. And with that, I wish you a pleasant day and I will see you again, on the next Fact Of The Day.


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