Another day, another fact.

Did you know that Howard Stern tried to buy the rights to Ant-Man?

On Monday, Paul Rudd was on Howard’s radio show to promote the movie. The story comes from

Long before the current Marvel movie craze, an unlikely person tried to make an “Ant-Man” movie happen.

“I was a huge Ant-Man [fan],” Howard told “Ant-Man” star Paul Rudd on this morning’s broadcast. “In fact, I was telling Robin [Quivers] earlier in the morning, about 15 years ago I had a meeting with Marvel. I tried to buy the rights to Ant-Man because I said that’s a cool franchise. I really tried, and I met with some of their dudes.”


It is unclear if this would just be something he would be have been involved with on the production side or if he would have some kind of staring role in the movie.

The website NewsARama also reported on the interview and used the HitFix story as their source, as did


One interesting side story that the HitFix article mentioned was that at one time Howard was in consideration to play the Scarecrow in the third Joel Schumacher Batman movie.


Batman Triumphant (unproduced, in development circa 1998)

The role: Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow

Warner Bros. execs were happy with the job Joel Schumacher was doing on Batman & Robinbefore it was released and hired him to direct his third Batman movie. George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell signed on to return, and the studio was rumored to be after Howard Stern to play the Scarecrow, the movie’s lead villain (even though Schumacher has said he wanted Nicolas Cage). The plot also called for The Joker to return in a Scarecrow-inspired hallucination that Batman has, with Jack Nicholson rumored to be reprising his role, and the Batman: The Animated Seriescharacter Harley Quinn was going to be another villain, written as The Joker’s daughter. By the time Batman & Robin was released, the movie did poorly at the box office and even worse with the press, so the studio scrapped plans forBatman Triumphant and decided to take the Batman franchise in a different direction – a direction that didn’t involve Howard Stern.


And there you have it. Another interesting what if in geek lore. I think a Howard Stern prouced or starred Ant-Man could work but it would have been a much different movie than what we got. And I doubt it could have been made in 2000 when Howard was trying to buy the rights. The CGI just wasn’t there yet. The fourth Schumacher Batman on the other hand, that would be more intriguing. And with that, I wish you all a pleasant day and I will see you on the next Fact Of The Day.