He’s Batman. The Dark Knight. The savior of Gotham. He’s also 0 the star of two of the best selling and best made superhero video games to come out in a long time, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Developer Rocksteady has made their mark on the industry with these two titles and from what I’ve found it looks like they had the second game in mind while working on the first.

Did you know that you can find plans for Arkham City in Warden Sharp’s office in Arkham Asylum?

The secret room has been documented as far back as 2010 but at the time no one knew what the plans the player found actually were for.

Last year, Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylumcontained an easter egg featuring concept art and plans for its upcoming sequel, Batman: Arkham City. Problem is, almost nobody noticed it until recently.

Unless you’re a pyro, the secret walled-off room stemming from the Warden’s office was probably left in peace. Should you care to commit a little more destruction (Hey, why not? The asylum is a mess anyways), we’ve got a video walkthrough to help you find your way.

Inside the room lies a blueprint approved by Warden Quincy Sharp for Arkham City — a sectioned off area of Gotham. The exact implications are unclear, but there are designated areas for a psychiatric ward as well as a penitentiary, which could be the city’s regular prison, Blackgate. The steel plant is also marked, which probably means you’ll be taking a tour around that factory at some point in the next game.


It was a very hard secret to find. According to GameInformer...

It’s not located on any of the maps. You can’t see the weak wall with Batman’s detective vision. And you can only blow it up with several applications of explosive foam.


Here is the quote explaining the secret by lead narrative designer Paul Crocker.

While building Batman: Arkham Asylum, we placed a number of ‘hooks’ into the game that tie into the ‘Arkham-Verse’. From the beginning we knew that Quincy was a bad guy, and planned what his next move would be. The room obviously ties into Arkham City, but to be fair, we hid it pretty well. We did assume that it would be found eventually and after following forum posts for 6 months or so, decided to announce it in the ‘Game of the Year’ podcast. The fans of the game have been amazing and again, reading the forums, we can see how much they value the efforts we have put into creating the background stories for the various characters and it was great to see all the posts and theories about the secret room once it was discovered. What I think people are really going to enjoy is not just how Arkham Asylum led to Arkham City, but also how the story in Arkham City sheds new light on the events you saw in Arkham Asylum.


Here we see that plans for Arkham City that were tucked away, giving players who found them a chance for an unwiting preview of the next game in the series. If you want to find it yourself here is a YouTube video explaining how to do so.

It shouldn’t be of any surprise that Rocksteady would hid a secret deep in it’s game. It was revelead last November that there was a Calendar Man speech in Arkham City that no one knew about until a YouTuber discovered it. Here is the story from Kotaku.


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