Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I LOVE this pinball game. Love it. And it’s fantasy themed so i figured it would count for a FOTD topic. And since it’s video game related i’m sharing with our friends over at TAY this morning.


Did you know that Tina Fey, star of SNL and 30 Rock did voice work for the Medevil Madness pinball game?

So we start at a place that’s very tilted and has a lot of balls.

Tina Fey and Andrea Farrell provided the voices of the various princesses (one of which has a “valley girl” accent), while Greg Freres provided the voices of the jousting announcer and one of the trolls, and Vince Pontarelli provided the voices of Francois Du Grimm and the other troll. The rest of the male voices, including the various knights and the Wizard were provided by Scott Adsit and Kevin Dorff.[5]


In a 2008 Vanity Fair article, Tina Fey talked about using a Elly May Clampett voice for a pinball game voiceover. Kotaku reported the story.

Did she ever use the Sarah Palin voice to entice her own First Dude?

No, she said, but once, when she did a voice-over for a pinball machine in Chicago, she used an Elly May Clampett voice. “These critters need some attention,” she says in a soft southern drawl, giving her husband a sexy glance. She’s as pitch-perfect channeling Elly May as she is channeling Palin. “And that was the only time Jeff has kind of hinted that maybe I should talk like that all the time.”


If we look at the Internet Pinball Machine Database entry for Medevil Madness, it states that Tina Fey did the voice for the “Opera Singer” princess and the “Cockney” princess.

I also found this promotional video Williams made for the table. It’s pretty well done and goes over the features of the machine. Tina Fey makes an appearance around 2:17

Well that’s all she wrote my friends. I will say again, I love this machine and would love to have one. Anyone got a few grand I can borrow.......Bueller?......ok guess not. Well i’ll just keep putting my coins in the piggy bank, and I will see you on the next Fact Of The Day.

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