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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Fact Of The Day - 8/20/15

So i’m Arnold Schwarzenegger? Man I need to get new mirrors then because that is so not what i’m seeing.


Did you know that the 1990 movie Total Recall originally had an X rating?

Here is what Cohaggen’s Propaganda Machine has to say....

The film was initially given an X rating. Violence was trimmed and different camera angles were used in the over-the-top scenes for an R rating.[4]


So what specifically was the MPAA’s issue? Well I wasn’t able to find much there. IMDB has a page on different versions of the movie and lists some of the cuts and edits made to bring it down to an R rating.

Film was initially given an X-rating by the MPAA. The following are the scenes that were trimmed to receive a R-rating:

  • Benny’s death is optically cropped to remove the exiting drill erupting from his stomach.
  • The innocent bystander used as a shield was bloodier before trimming.
  • The stabbing of Helm in the bar had the bowie knife slicing up his stomach. Stills of this were actually featured in Fangoria magazine at the time of the film’s release.
  • Several shots of the scientists being killed by Quaid after he breaks free from the implant-machine were shortened.
  • The scene of Richter’s arms being severed was shortened.

No sir I speak only the truth.

Thegeekwins.com did a article on 10 things you might not know about the movie and discussed the movie’s violence and the need for edits to bring the rating down.

8. Total Recall was Rated X - The movie was originally rated X due to its excessive violence. In order to get an R rating, several shots were removed like a shot of the drill impaling Benny, and some were shortened including Richter’s arms being cut off. Even with the changes, critics trashed the film for itsexcessive violence. Janet Maslin of The New York Times, considered the film excessively violent. Rita Kempley of The Washington Post gave it a negative review, saying that director Paul Verhoeven “disappoints with this appalling onslaught of blood and boredom.” Feminist cultural critic Susan Faludi called it one of “an endless stream of war and action movies.”


Sorry Arnie but it’s true. Luckily the edits didn’t affect the movie to much and it ended by being one of the most loved science fiction movies of all time. And out of respect for such a wonderful masterpiece of cinema, let us end today’s little swim in the trivia sea with some respectful gifs. Have a great day, and I will see you all on the next Fact Of The Day.


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