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Fact of the day - 8/27/15

Yes but i’m a good bus driver!

Did you know that Billy Mumy was offered the role of Eddie Munster but his parents refused to let him take it because of the extensive makeup required for the part?


O-Deck may know him better as Will Robinson from the 60s sci-fi/comedy series Lost In Space and Lennier from Babylon 5. But before all that he was picked to play the role of Eddie Munster in the tv series The Munsters. This was documented in the 2006 book “The Munsters: A Trip Down Mockingbird Lane” by Stephen Cox

“Eddie Munster’s role was offered to young redheaded actor Billy Mumy prior to Butch Patrick. Because Mumy’s parents did not want him to have to undergo such makeup and hair dyeing, they persuaded the budding young actor to decline the series.”

Oh yes they did. This anecdote is repeated in the 2007 book “Sid and Marty Krofft: A Critical Study Of Saturday Morning Children’s Television, 1963-1993.”


“reportedly, back in 1964 Billy Mumy had been slated to play Eddie Munster in the TV series The Munsters, but Mumy’s mother didn’t cotton having her son’s angelic features obscured by thick werewolf makeup; thus, the role went to Patrick.”


Billy Mumy would of course go on to play the roles I mentioned above. He was also in an episode of Deep Space Nine, “The Siege of AR-558”.


He looks a lot like Ed Shereen in this picture. Don’t tell the Jezebel staff.

Honestly i’m glad he didn’t get the part. He may not have been on Babylon 5 and the show would have suffered because of it. I wish you all a great rest of the day, and I will see you all on the next Fact Of The Day.


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EDIT: I was misinformed, Billy Mumy did not play Opie,that was Ron Howard. I have corrected the article.



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