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Fact Of The Day - 9/1/15

No, these are Kinja commentators. Not quite the same thing.

Did you know that Animaniacs won an Emmy Award for it’s theme song?

From the Encyclopedia That Is Updated By People Living In Water Towers...

The Animaniacs series theme song, performed by the Warners, was a very important part of the show. In the series’ first season, the theme won an Emmy Award for best song.[23]


So what did this award look like. I found a website for an auction held by Nate D. Sanders Fine Autographs And Memorabilia for Lot #72: Emmy Award from 1994 — Daytime Emmy Presented to “Animaniacs” for Outstanding Original Title Song”

Here are a few pictures of the award they received.


Well you guys earned it. The lot did not sell. It had a minimum bid of $5,000 and not a single bid. Anyone want to pitch in if it’s still available...


Yeah that’s what I thought. Well that’s pretty much all there is. A monumental influence on many of our youths and it was well rewarded for it’s effort. So i’ll close things out with the theme song that won Spielberg and Co. this prestigious award. I wish you all a pleasant day and I will see you tomorrow for another Fact Of The Day.


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23. O’Dell, Ron. “Warner Bros. Animation Chronology: 1994”. The Warner Bros. Animation Archive. Toon Zone. Retrieved May 12, 2007.

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