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Fact of the day - 9/10/15

Dammit tech support, they told me the email would be up and running in an hour at most and that was five hours ago!

In this edition of Fact Of The Day, we look at a man who I did not see at DragonCon, mainly because the lines for his panels and signings were way to long to want to deal with. If you can’t guess by the gif that would be Peter Mayhew, the actor who brought the lovable furball and companion to the rouge Han Solo, Chewbaca, to life. How did George Lucas make the decisions as to who would take this important role in his story? Well, according the Encyclopedia That Is Managed By Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders, literally all Peter had to do to get the part was stand up. As in stand from his seat, not perform a set at the improv.


Mayhew at the Big Apple Con, 14 November 2008, sitting in front of an image of his most famous role asChewbacca

When casting his first Star Wars film, producer George Lucas needed a tall actor who could fit the role of the hairy alien Chewbacca. He originally had in mind 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m) bodybuilder David Prowse, but instead Prowse chose to play Darth Vader. This led Lucas on a search which turned up Mayhew, who says that all he had to do to be cast in the role of Chewbacca was stand up.[4]


The source cited goes to a YouTube video of David Prowse and Peter at SLC ComicCon where they talk about their careers. Peter also did a Reddit AMA where he answered the question pretty concisely.

Peter also did a Reddit AMA where he answered the question pretty concisely.

I hope he comes back next year. It will be cool to meet him after we’ve seen one of the new movies. I will see you tomorrow for another Fact Of The Day.

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