Sounds like the boss at my last job.

Well folks, here we are at a Friday, the end of another week. And the end of DCTV week here at Fact Of The Day. So i figured, let’s go out on a bang, So for today, here is some trivia related to one of the greatest shows DC Comics was involved in. A groundbreaking show that has a legacy going back decades and is fondly remember by millions. I am of course referring to the that classic animated series, Superfriends.

Ah yes, the show that made Aquaman a joke which may only be salvaged by the few minutes of screentime Kahl Drago is getting in the new Supes v Bats lovefest Snyder is making


But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. As you can see by the title image, we’re here to discuss Mr. Ted Knight.


Known primarily for his work on the Mary Tyler Moore show, and for movies like Caddyshack, Mr Knight also provided the voice for the opening narration of the Superfriends cartoon.

Wikipedia was where I first saw this mentioned.....what?


Waiting for.....oh yeah the joke. Sorry guys, I got nothing, no wacky Wikipedia name....

Look i’m sorry. I know it sucks but I just got nothing today.


Oh alright fine. Hang on a sec, let me see what I can do....ok here we go.

I first discovered this information on the Wiki That Like The WonderTwins Is Several Useless Things Combined Into Something Useful. Of course without a source it’s useless. There are several videos of the opening and it certainly sounds like Ted Knight. But in my experience anything written in the video description on a YT video should be taken with a shaker of salt. But I did find an interview from Bill Woodson who replaced Ted Knight as the opening narrator.

How did you get the job on Super Friends?

There was a fellow named the “Voicecaster.” I worked with him out at North American Aviation. They had a television division. This was long before we put a man on the moon! [In fact] I think a bunch of us did a great deal to delay the program, but not deliberately. He said they’re looking for a fellow to replace Ted Knight who’d gone on to bigger and better pay. I met Wally Burr and he said “Make it large.” I could do that and I got the job. I did it in as an exaggerated version of Stan Freberg’s “The March of Time.”


Here is the opening from 1973. Bill replaced Ted in 1977.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this look into the various DC TV shows, both new and old. I will see you all on the next Fact Of The Day.


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