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Fact Of The Day - 9/4/15

I would be more impressed with your wizardry wisdom if i hadn’t seen you read that from your fortune cookie that came with the Chinese food we got last night.

Did you know that Ian McKellan has a tatoo of the Elvish word for “nine” on his arm?


I found this out by searching One Of The Nine Wikis Of Men, Whose Editors Above All Else, Desire Power...

He has a tattoo of the Elvish number nine, written using Tengwar, on his shoulder in reference to his involvement in the Lord of the Rings and the fact that his character was one of the original nine companions of the Fellowship of the Ring. The other actors of “The Fellowship” (Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd, Sean Bean, Dominic Monaghan and Viggo Mortensen) have the same tattoo. John Rhys-Davies, whose character was also one of the original nine companions, arranged for his stunt double to get the tattoo instead.[51]

John Rhys-Davies who played Gimli discussed the tattoos in an interview with SciFi.com

Did you get the tattoo that the other actors in the Fellowship got?

Rhys-Davies: Those drunken little hobbits. ... The little bastards got drunk and came to me and said, “We’re all going to have a tattoo of the Elvish word for nine. Nine in the Fellowship, and we’re all going to have this tattoo.” So I did what any self-respecting actor would do when faced with a stunt that might very well imperil his life. I sent my stunt double to have it. Seems fair to me, doesn’t it? I’m not going to be tattooed by some drunken Maori. ... Not me. I’m a coward.


So what does this tattoo look like? I did a little digging and found an interview done with Sir Ian by the website KillerMovies.com.


I also found a video from Access Hollywood discussing the tats with the cast during the premiere of Return Of The King.

Ian McKellan truly is a gem isn’t he? I don’t know if i would have had the nerve to get a tattoo like that for all the booze in New Zeland. And on that note we end another week. I wish you all a pleasant res tof the day, and wish all those reading this in the USA a safe and wonderful Labor Day Holiday. I will be returning from Atlanta and DragonCon Monday so no Fact Of The Day. I will be back to provide wit and education to you all on Tuesday. Take care!


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