Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

This is meant as a “Watch Out” for people. Burner names are getting aped again by people with agendas. (Maybe bots, who knows?)

Case Example: Dr Emio Lizardo has been aped by the following with an axe to grind against SJWs:


To see if an account is a fake just go to the post history and if you see a ton of the same thing over and over it is probably fake. Additionally, if it is a long-time poster to Kinja and they have no followers and are following nobody then it is probably a fake.

On top of this, seeing the return of bot-followers. Accounts created with the sole purpose of getting you to click a link by having 1 post with that link and following you. The other possibility is they are trying to use Kinja as some kind of opinion poll or something.

Just some things to be wary of.

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