I’ve endured Falling Skies this far and will see it through to the bitter end because I’m stubborn that way. The last couple of episodes bode poorly for a decent finish though. “Never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for every viewer of Falling Skies.” Spoilers ahead.

Last week the show introduced Caitlin and her human/alien brother. Of course Maggie lies to her to get set free but there was no reason to bring the brother back to the base. The resistance fighters could have simply subdued Catlin and taken the food (leaving some for the girl if she still refused to leave her brother). An earlier version of Pope would have never allowed the rest of the group to bring a hostile alien into camp like that. (More on Pope in a bit.)

Now that Caitlin and her brother in camp, what will the writers do with them? Is this the start of a possible treatment for humans who have been hybridized? No, of course not. It’s just a means to get an Overlord into Tom Mason’s hands so he can have a ridiculously easy raid on an alien hatchery.

Meanwhile Pope and Sara are talking about the future and maybe having kids after the war while they’re out and about outside the camp. The death clock started on Sara as soon as Pope showed any real interest in her but that conversation pretty much telegraphed where things were headed. Sure enough Sara gets stuck in an extremely localized sticky patch and Pope has to leave her to get help.


Unfortunately for Sara, the 2nd Mass is heading out on their hatchery raid and Tom won’t delay the attack to help. Requiescat in pace, Sara.


So far this season Pope has been a shadow of his former self. Before he could be reliably counted on to be opposed to whatever Tom Mason was proposing. And he often had valid arguments. With Sara’s death Pope is reverting back to old form. But it looks like he’s gone all the way back to first season murderous rageaholic Pope who blames Tom for Sara’s death.

I won’t get into all the rest of the turd stew of these last few episodes or I would be writing all night. I know the rational thing to do would be to quit watching but I have to know how Falling Skies wraps things up.


It’s a safe bet that Pope won’t kill Tom Mason next episode. But will Pope make it to the final episode? Will any of the Masons die by the end of the series? My bet is Hal will die. If nothing else that would end that terrible Hal-Maggie-Ben triangle? Who is in your Falling Skies death pool?