On this week's episode of Helix parents and siblings cause all kinds of problems. But the plot is moving forward and some questions are answered though in a way that raises even more. All this and a twisted Andy Griffith Show moment. Spoilers ahead.

One of the brothers is stung by a bee. He gets infected and a bit slashy with one of the women before dying. Brother Michael gives his assembled followers a pep talk about the recent deaths but his mask of calm is slipping. In private he chews out his three "best girls" then tells them to deal with things discretely. Amy argues with her mother Anne but Agnes intervenes giving Amy a much deserved slap. The three women hug it out after Agnes cryptically refers to protecting Mother. Given the kind of show Helix is I won't be surprised if Mother turns out to be a desiccated corpse hundreds of years old or a giant intelligent plant.

Peter confirms his mole status by texting his handler on his satellite phone. He wakes up Alan in a field saying that he found him there. As Peter treats his injuries Alan remains evasive about what he's doing on the island only saying that it's personal. After Sara and Kyle return to the lab Alan agrees to look at the data. He points out the elevated blood sugar levels which conflict with the abbey's diet then leaves. Peter confronts Alan who reveals that he did find Julia but she was a leader in Ilaria not their prisoner. Alan calls the silver-eyes the real plague which suggests that he intends to kill them all.

Peter calls his handler who turns out to be Sergio Balleseros. Since he's in a nice suit on an upper floor of an Ilaria office building his antics at Arctic Biosystems are either not known (since most of the people involved are dead) or forgiven. But Alan is eavesdropping on Peter so the strained relationship between the two brothers about to take another hit.


Kyle and Sarah follow up on the sweet clue. Kyle finds bees and honey. The honey is full of the fungal toxin but Kyle says the bees aren't carriers. Sarah keeps bugging Soren's mother. Since Soren is the only victim who got better the CDC doctors want to find him. Sarah finds a toy bear similar to the one Soren had and confronts his mother. Unfortunately for Sarah the mother clings to her faith in Brother Michael and blames the CDC doctors for the disease outbreak. She stabs Sarah in the belly and runs off.

Meanwhile in the future Julia is having her own family drama. Hatake and his sad heart shaped pancake convince Julia to play along with him. Until he wheels her into the basement to make her a real part of the family with a seat at the table. Since the other family members at the table are dead that doesn't sound like a good idea to Julia.

Hatake is distracted when hallucinatory Daniel shows up to glare at Julia and bug Hatake about going fishing. Julia can only hear one side of the conversation but urges Hatake to go fishing. She's not going anywhere (since she's in restraints). So Hatake and Daniel go down to their fishing spot accompanied by the theme to The Andy Griffith Show. Hatake spots Julia's failed escape attempt when he returns and prepares an IV of milky fluid. Julia plays the "I need a hug" card and jabs Hatake with a syringe of stuff.


She grabs an axe along with her stuff on her way out but Hatake is in pursuit with his sword. We get a Highlander style fight between Julia and Hatake. While Julia has clearly been training in close fighting Hatake has centuries of experience and is the better fighter. When it looks like Hatake is about to deliver a presumably fatal blow, he sees Julia's mother looking at him with an expression of disapproval. He hesitates long enough for Julia to bury the axe in his belly.

Hatake gives Julia his sword, calling it his legacy. The inscription will probably turn out to be important. Julia heads off while Hatake returns to his cabin where he takes a seat at the table with the bodies of his family as he bleeds out. Julia is also bleeding from a large sword slash from Hatake and collapses to the ground.


So at the end of the episode three silver-eyes are down and bleeding. Julia will probably be found by Caleb so her chances are good. Sarah is likely to be found quickly since she's in the compound. But silver-eye abilities aren't clearly defined so I'm not assuming anything about the fate of Sarah or her baby. But will Hatake bleed to death? Or will he heal quickly enough to menace Julia later in the season?