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Fan Art Sunday!

It’s been ages since I’ve shared my fan art and asked to see yours too! I’ve been using an Ipad Pro and Pencil since it’s too hot to run my laptop without it exploding into flames on my legs. Let’s get started!

Here’s a moody Three from Dark Matter. This was done on an Ipad using Procreate. Lempke liked it.


Trevor Belmont is a sassy broken piece of JOY. I love him very much. Ipad and Procreate.

Iain Glen. You might know him from PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING. Resident Evil, Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider etc...Procreate


Manu Bennett as the CW’s Deathstroke. HE RETWEETED MY ART. I almost died. Ipad and Procreate.


and finally, my latest piece.



Ryan Wheeler from the tv show Kingdom played by Matt Lauria. LOVE HIS SHADOWS. Ipad and Procreate.


All work done by me, warts and all.

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