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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Fan Corner: After Today Live

Welcome to another edition of Fan Corner, where I highlight the fan fiction, fan films, and other fan projects that are actually worth checking out. I hope you're ready for an earworm, because today we're going Disney!

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After Today Live

"We approached this project as if Disney or any other client came to us and said, "This is what we want made, DON'T DETOUR FROM IT!" In our minds the director was really the group that made it years ago and we were the crew." - Aftertodaylive.com


What is it?

We're going a bit weird with this one, "After Today Live" is a live action shot-for-shot remake of the opening song from Disney's best film released in 1995 (yes, I know Pocahontas came out that year), A Goofy Movie. It was uploaded to YouTube in late 2009, and is currently sitting at over 1,395,000 hits.


The whole thing is accompanied by the original film playing in the lower left corner, and is set to the original audio from the film.

Why should I care?

Because, look at this thing, it's super impressive. The attention to detail, the timing, the choreography, even the lip syncing is all really, really well done.


I honestly don't know what the general internet opinion of A Goofy Movie is, but speaking as someone who was at the right age at the right time to watch both A Goofy Movie and its (not terrible!) direct-to-DVD sequel, I absolutely adore the movie to this day. While it's not the kind of thing you'd traditionally expect to have a die-hard fan base… Apparently it does, and apparently they have some serious commitment. It helps that the songs from the film, especially "After Today," are serious earworms. I will randomly find myself humming "On the Open Road" and "Nobody Else But You" until the day I die.

I honestly don't have much more for this one. I know I'm going pretty short here, but I'm not sure what else there is to say about a three and a half minute YouTube video. It's good, go watch it.


How familiar with the source material do I need to be?

You can literally enjoy this to its fullest even if this article is the first time you've ever heard of A Goofy Movie. The original film is literally playing in the lower left hand corner the entire time, and this side-by-side comparison is a large part of what makes this video so entertaining.


Where can I find it?

Right here! If you want to see the project's official site (which links back to the YouTube video) then click here.

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