... and I almost tear Tony Daniel a new one.

But first happy things!

I tried the new LEGO Marvel hero's game and it is just as wonderful as you think it is. Lego games are so goddamn fun, it's criminal.

The first panel I went to was called the "Canadian Superhero Renaissance." There were a bunch of Canadian artists talking about a collaborative book called "True Patriot" which is a collection of vignettes. I promptly bought it as soon as the panel was over, and so far it's a delight.


The consensus seems to be that the market is ready for Canadian superheroes again. I can't wait! Frankly. I'm so bored of the same stories always happening in New York and Gotham and Metropolis. Give me something new! Although, part of me likes to think there are no stories in Canada because ALL the bad shit happens in the States, so we promptly closed our border to them and live in some super-villain-free utopia. Just a theory.

Anyhoodle, a discussion of Canadian superheroes inevitably leads to...


He's back, yo! First he got resurrected as a adorable web series (WITH EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE CLONE TATIANA MASLANY AS THE VOICE OF RED):

And then they announced that they will be bringing back the comic series! Woot!! It looks like it's coming out early next year, and will tie-in with the webseries. And have a maple syrup promo. We have stereotypes to uphold, 'kay??


I then went to the DC Comics All Access panel. THEY'RE MAKING A JUSTICE LEAGUE CANADA!!!


Sorry, I got really excited. It's being helmed by Jeff Lemire whose Animal Man I LOVED. I am eagerly awaiting it, frankly. Then they talked about some other stuff, Batman/Superman book, Justice League Trillium mega-story, a book about the villains called "Forever Evil" and blah blah blah blah. What caught my ear was a new book about Superan/Wonder Woman. That sounds pretty cool, right? I love WW! I'd read that for her.


Except, *sigh* Tony Daniel described it as 'romantic! So we can reach our women demographic and that audience that likes Twilight!"

I'm not kidding guys, I saw fucking RED. What the ever-loving FUCK did he just say?? I asked at the Q&A: "Romance? Is that it? Is there going to be a plot or something?" Tony Daniel asked if I wanted equal butt shots of Superman. (Breathe Liz!) He asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted it to be awesome. He said it would be. You guys, I'm not very confident in that statement.


And I know I'm not full of shit, because I had a bunch of people come up to me after congratulating me on my question. Apparently it's going to The Mary Sue? I'm not too sure but someone came up to and asked if it was ok to send along and I said sure. I was just so incensed that a MAJOR COMIC BOOK PUBLISHER thought the only way to get women to read his books was to make them into romance.

Just fuck.. just fuck it.

Let's take a break and look at some cosplay Weeping Angels:


Next was a women in comics panel. There was a lot of talk about "Strong Female Characters" and how people would TOTALLY read a series about Lois Lane but DC won't do it and a bunch of other stuff. The panellists were slightly lamenting about there still being a need for women in comics panels, but I reminded them that the DC panel had NO women at all, and were trying to sell us Superman/WW light erotica. It was a really good panel and I'm happy I went to it. We shall be starting up a "Sweaters for Starfire" charity because she just looks so cold!

But the second best part of the day (after everyone thanking me for my awesome DC takedown) was that someone FINALLY recognized that I was Pam! Because my costume is subtle, you can only really be sure that I'm Pam because the temp tattoo I put on my back. And my super-high tank top obscures it a lot. Anyway, here I am!


And my tattoo:


Whatever. I'm super cool.