Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So today was spent mostly in a line, dealing with the aftermath of brand-new Internet Avenger-ing. But that means I had actual celebrities touch me. On the shoulder, BUT IT COUNTS!

First I went to a quick little panel called "Writing for Comics 101"; it was horribly named. It was a fun panel, but it was not how to start writing comics. However, that writer who killed Peter Parker? He is freakin' hilarious! He was just really fun to listen to, even if I barely knew what he was talking about. This writer would really, really like to emphasize that Peter Parker is DEAD! DEAD I TELLS YA!

Then to the lines. I had already purchased my tickets online, so I was guaranteed a spot. Yeah, my brain don't work that way, folks. I NEED to be there so I can be PREPARED. I had all sorts of plans! Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres and I were going to pose like the Three Stooges! I was going to have Ron Perlman cower in fear in front of me!


Nope. Nope nope nope. You get in, pose and get out. How are there all these fun photos online? I thought I had time!

Anyway, have some pictures. They were all SUPER nice, but shorter than I thought. I was sure Ron Perlman was going to tower over me. (These are camera shots of the pictures. I did not think to bring a scanner with me...)


NATHAN FILLION IS FOREVER-HANDSOME! And Gina Torres doesn't age. And Perlman shook my hand :D :D :D

So then I went and spent more money getting drawings of my nieces and nephews in various scenarios, like "Super Hero Niece" and "Pile All the Kids onto a Mario Kart" because I am a very, very cool aunt.


Anyway, have some random cosplay photos INCLUDING: A gaggle of Vaders, and entire group of GoT cosplayers, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I was able to avoid giving him a violent hug. I'm very proud of myself.


HE LOOKS SO SQUISHY! And yes, there is a person in there.

I'm very tired now.

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