CONGRATS SERENADA! You all made us erotically curious!

So last week I had you write some quick sentences on the following picture:

What did you write?

"That was fun."


"Does that mean we have to confess to River that we are no longer of that persuasion?"

"I think when it is with yourself it counts as masturbation." - Pitchblende


"Hey, what do you say we help River get Blackjack?"

"Blackjack? What's that? "

"Well, in order to get Blackjack you have to make 21. And do you know how to make 21? Add Ten and Eleven!" - Captain Max and Jinx



"You're right—this is much more fun with the extra hand." - Serenada


Doctor: But, um, you, me, how?

Doctor: She's bigger on the inside. - Quasi hatrack


"Sure Ninth, a threesome is a great idea" - Nctrns