Sometimes (oftentimes?) it feels like there just aren't enough cult-favorite tie-in products out there to meet fans' tastes, so it's good thing crafters are out there. Saga doesn't seem to have any official merch yet, but dang, check out this guy a friend made!

If you don't know who the little dude is, you really need to read Saga - I say somewhat hypocritically as I'm still starting the first volume while my wife voraciously absorbs every issue as soon as it comes out. He's about as toyetic a creation as one could make, and yet the Saga creators haven't officially licensed anything yet. More power to 'em though - they are good people.


Anywho, check out what our friend at Rabid Mongoose Productions made for us:


Now we need a Lying Cat.

Ah well, there's always Minimoose!