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Fan Poster In New Doctor Who Episode

So here's a weird thing. The new trailer for the next episode of Doctor Who, "In The Forest Of The Night," where London has gone feral and overgrown with jungle, has a brief shot of a double-decker bus which has an ad on the side.

The ad is a composite of a review quote from the movie Maze Runner, and a fan made poster of the new series of Doctor Who. It was made by a young guy from Canada, Logan Fulford.


Despite many fan sites discovering this strange easter egg, Logan did not know this had even happened until I contacted him on Flickr.


What can this mean? Why is the ad there? Will it impact the plot in some strange meta-self-aware fourth-wall way? Probably not. But why did they use a fan poster? And why not contact Logan and ask permission?

All a bit weird, if you ask me.

(on a tangentially related footnote, I knew to look for this after listening to this podcast, Zeus Pod, which a friend of mine is involved in producing)

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