Many consider the Street Fighter storyline complex and unreadable. That is a fair assessment, as the games themselves make it difficult to follow thanks to how they are set up. However, once you are able to get it into a cohesive order, it is actually a very interesting story... As well as horrifying one as you realize that all the games are setting up an end of the world event. An event that I think will come to pass in that universe in Street Fighter V.

Of course, this sounds far fetched, after all, these games are about people hitting each other. How on earth can this be true? Well if you allow me a bit of your time, I’ll explain why I believe that Street Fighter V will be about Stopping the end of the world.

Possible Spoilers

1. The Illuminati


The Illuminati were the villains of the Street Fighter III era and through Second Impact (which retconned the original) and 3rd Strike, we see they are trying to complete a prophecy that would end the current world and create a new Eden with them as the rulers.

Throughout Three, we see that they are choosing and creating candidates to populate their Eden with what they consider perfected humans. This was called the G project and in those games, we saw two ways they went about doing this.


The first was to select the finest humans they could, which was accomplished by setting up the World Fighting Tournament. The purpose of this was to seek which fighters would be the most worthy to be part of their Eden. We know that Alex was considered worthy though we don’t know if anyone else was.

The second was through genetics and magic to create super humans which we saw through Necro and Twelve. Ibuki was allowed to steal the plans for the stage one of the project because it had already been accomplished.


But wait, so they have all these perfected humans, but how the hell do they think they’ll survive something like the end of the world? Again shown in the games, Gill has the ability to resurrect himself and it is also shown the Illuminati have highly advanced cryogenics technology.

Okay, so they have their perfected Humans, but how will they end the world?

2. The BLECE Project


The BLECE project was one of the many projects S.I.N. was working on in the Street Fighter IV era. According to C. Viper, it is a bio WMD that uses ki as the source of its power. It appears that it uses a person as a host and allows him/her to kill all life in an area.

This would be perfect for the Illuminati’s plans and as the 3 era games revealed that they were really in control of Shadaloo all along (a fact even M. Bison wasn’t aware of) meaning they would have access to it.


But who would be the host? Who would be the perfect person that no one would expect or anticipate?

3. Nash


Think about it. Nash has suddenly came back to life, now looking like he’s been stitched up and has new magic abilities. Given the Illuminati’s known advance use of magic and genetics, they’d have all the know how to do this.

Then you have the strange crystal in his head which has been given no explanation yet. My theory is that this is the BLECE project taking affect and Nash has been set loose to be judge and executioner on all humanity (this would also explain his new personality in the V beta).


So we have the Doom’s day weapon and the villains plans, but how are the good guys supposed to stop this? Well we have some clues to that.

4. Ingrid


Ingrid is the mystery character of all of Street Fighter. She is a time traveler, the only person Rose can’t see the future of and M. Bison gained his psycho power by stealing it from her.

She is also a character that Capcom has hinted at returning in Street Fighter V.

In her last appearance in Alpha 3 MAX, she was going to the year 2016 (aka the year of Street Fighter V release) to meet up with Ryu in the most important moment in his life. My theory is that Ingrid is going to help Ryu to stop Nash and the Illuminati.


After all, he’s been training for years and has been shown to be the focus character of the series. He’d thematically make the perfect choice to stop the ultimate bad guys of the entire franchise.

But this is just my theory and feel free to disagree. We’ll learn more this week as a new character is going to be revealed on the 11th.