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Fancasting the Fantastic Four

So one of the good things about Disney becoming an all-consuming conglomerate that will probably soon control entire cities is the fact that the rights to the Fantastic Four will probably soon return back to Marvel Studios and we’ll get a Fantastic Four movie that is, you know, actually good. But...who should play them? I have some ideas.


Matthew Gray Gubler as Reed Richards

Gubler has already shown the ability to act as an awkward genius in Criminal Minds and it won’t be a stretch (no pun intended) for him to be Reed Richards. Heck, just slap some gray hair on his temples and you pretty much have Reed Richards.

There’s more to it than that, of course, but his portrayal of Dr. Spencer Reid has proven that he has both the dramatic and comedic chops necessary to portray a troubled genius.


Brit Marling as Susan Storm

Sue Storm is probably the hardest character to both write for and cast. Mainly because her character has been incredibly inconsistent throughout the run — from Lee and Kirby’s original run, where she is the motherly damsel-in-distress most of the time, to John Byrne’s run, where she shows her ability to fight and take charge, a lot of writers simply write her off as “Team Mom” when she is more than that.


So, in order to grasp a complicated character, you need a complicated actress: Brit Marling, who put in great and complicated performances in Another Earth and The OA.


Jason Segel as Benjamin J. Grimm

Hold on, hear me out: he’s very tall, he’s funny, and he has a deep voice.

Okay, there’s more to it than that, but still: think about it, he’s pretty perfect for the role of Ben Grimm, right? How I Met Your Mother has proved that Jason Segel has the comedic chops, but it was also his role in The End of the Tour as author David Foster Wallace that shows his dramatic ones. After all, the Thing isn’t just a monster — he’s a man who can still take the joke, even if its by the universe on him.



Mackenzie Davis as Joanna “Johnny” Storm

Okay, yes, I kind of genderswapped Johnny. But still, hear me out:

For one thing, I was tired of the whole “one girl in a team of guys” trope that even occurred in The Avengers. And two — hell, Mackenzie Davis is fucking great. She was great in Halt and Catch Fire. She was great in Black Mirror’s “San Junipero.” And she was great in Blade Runner 2049. She can totally pull of the cocky attitude that Johnny Storm needs, while also providing another female character to the mix.


Plus, c’mon, tell me you don’t want to see Mackenzie Davis as Johnny Storm. Just tell me.

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