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Fancasting the Fantastic Four (Again)

Yes, I know I already did this once before. But now that Disney’s plan to buy Fox is almost a guarantee, I’d thought I’d revisit my previous choices and try to find some better ones. In fact, I played it pretty conservative last time and I thought, hell, if you’re going to cast the Fantastic Four for the MCU, just...go all out and cast whoever the hell you want to cast. So here goes:


Reed Richards played by Richard Ayoade

If you don’t know who Richard Ayoade is, go watch The IT Crowd and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (I highly recommend both). And then watch all of his appearances on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and then watch his shows Gadget Man and Travel Man, which shows how pretty much perfect he would be as Reed Richards: super smart, super nerdy, and can be pretty awkward even when being awesome.

Also, if any racist fans complain about him being black, then you can just explain to them how they aren’t real fans because they don’t know about the Reed Richards of Earth-65 and so can just shut the hell up. Also: Richard Ayoade is fucking hilarious.


Susan Storm played by Kelly Macdonald

I wanted someone who was just as old as the actor playing Reed Richards and I found an awesome actress (who has played many, many, many roles) who was, in fact, a year older than Richard Ayoade.


If you haven’t seen any of Kelly Macdonald’s roles, I recommend Trainspotting, No Country for Old Men (where she shows off her surprisingly good Texan accent), Brave (she’s the voice of Merida), and The Decoy Bride (which is a rom-com that’s only good because of her and David Tennant’s performance) and then watch Boardwalk Empire (where she, again, shows her wonderful American accent) and the Black Mirror episode “Hated in the Nation.” She can play characters who are whip-smart, which is exactly what is needed with Sue Storm.


Benjamin Grimm played by Alan Tudyk

So, chalk this one up to “Let’s use the incredibly obvious choice because, hey, there’s a reason it’s incredibly obvious.”


For those who haven’t heard of Mr. Tudyk (GASP!), he was Wash in Firefly, Alpha in Dollhouse, Mr. Priest in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, K-2SO in Rogue One, and so many more. He’s voiced characters like King Candy in Wreck-It Ralph to Sonny in I, Robot (a great performance in a sub-par film) and, of course, he can do motion-capture (he did it for K-2SO). For a role that will almost certainly be 99% motion capture, he would be awesome.


Johnny Storm played by Kate Bracken

Okay, before you ask “Who?” I chose Kate Bracken for three reasons:

1. I wanted Kelly Macdonald to use her natural Scottish accent, so her sibling had to also be Scottish.


2. I like the idea of a female Johnny Storm a lot.

3. Kate Bracken was fucking awesome as Alex Millar in Being Human.

So there we go. Do you guys have any better suggestions?

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