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Fandoms where you least expect them

So one of the Facebook games I play is a little gem called "Bush Whacker 2"; it's amazingly fun and oddly satisfying. The devs are obviously nerds and geeks, and are constantly populating the game with little nods to stuff (like Doctor Who).

So I log in today, and there's been a "new, completely real and permanent change" to the game—you don't whack bushes, they run away from you.

I got a quest from a bush, of the Order of Ni, to go find him a certain amount of shrubberies. When I turned in the quest, the shrubberies appeared on the screen...surrounded by a nice picket fence, with a little path running up the middle.


That, my friends, is fandom attention to nerdy detail right there. I am so happy with this game right now.

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