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Fangirling Felicity Smoak

I absolutely LOVE Felicity Smoak, and I need to talk about her. Stephen Amell's teased that we're going to find out something about Felicity's past in the new episode, so... spoilers up to the latest episode and speculation below.

First, can we talk about how Felicity not only owns every scene she's in, she pretty much just runs the whole Arrow business? I mean she redid and upgraded the lair, she finds the bad guys and every time Oliver asks her for something she's pretty much already done it. And I'm pretty sure she actually runs Queen Consolidated, too, because let's face it, Oliver knows even less about business than he knows about feelings.


And it annoys me to no end that in the promo pics and posters she's always without her glasses on. It's not like she's isn't gorgeous with or without glasses, and as a character she clearly prefers those, so what gives CW PR department?

All in all Felicity is a pretty well written character, but we really know very little about her past. We know she went to MIT but we know nothing about family, friends, etc. so I'm very intrigued by the possibilities.

My personal theory right now is that her parents died when she was fairly young, or maybe in her early teens. I don't know, something about her just feels like someone who's knows tragedy and injustice, and decided not to let the darkness get to her and that's why she wears such colourful stuff and surrounds herself with pretty things. Because few people would just jump into bed with a vigilante quite so eagerly. And it would make her and even more interesting counterpoint to Oliver and Roy (and to a lesser extent Dig) who are battling their demons every day and they're just a step or two away from being swallowed up by them.

It's gonna be interesting to see the dynamic in the lair now with Roy in on the secret. How awesome was it that she tried to put him immediately at ease in the last scene? Still, the show rests on the Oliver/Felicity/Dig dynamic and I hope they do not get rid of that. I'd actually like to see Dig doing more stuff because it seems he's taken a bit of a back seat this season. And episode of just Dig & Felicity saving the day would be awesome, but then I can also see Felicity and Roy perpetuating shenanigans.


Okay... I'll just stop here, because otherwise I'm just going to gush about how awesomely competent Felicity is, and how she calls Oliver on his shit all the damn time even though he towers over her and can kill her a hundred different ways with his bare hands and how funny and loyal she is and about her amazing fashion sense and it just wouldn't be coherent.

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