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Ever Find Yourself Conflicted When Watching Hannibal?

Hello there, stranger! Do you enjoy Hannibal? Do you find yourself conflicted when you want the delicacies shown on the screen? Would you do anything to eat Hannibals cooking even though, through dramatic irony, you know there is something not quite right with his food? Oh, do I have an offer for you!

George Brown College's Chef's House is having a night of suspiciously delicious treats with the chef of Hannibal!

Artist extraordinaire Janice Poon's current food styling gig involves cooking up delicacies for Hannibal, the popular television series, which is filmed right here in Toronto. Fannibals can't get enough. Three seasons later, she's still cooking up body parts for Hannibal and working on that cookbook. Tonight you'll find out what goes on behind the scenes whilst dining on four courses of edgy, creepy yet elegant Hannibal-inspired concoctions.


It's on February 25 at 6:30 pm and costs $85 per person and I cannot make it which makes me very, very sad.

[Chefs House]

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