Kotaku has a video review of the Arrow add-on game for Lego Batman 3. Stephen Amel is doing the voice acting, and there's some humorous narrating going on, in addition to what was in the introduction.

There may be some light spoilers if you've never watched the show, but if you're caught up you're ok. There are also a lot of revisionist spoilers that sound like they would have been fun to watch.

Arrow Lovers Will Get A Real Kick Out Of LEGO Batman 3's DLC

Once upon a time there were two best friends named Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson. Trapped on an increasingly undeserted island, the two formed a bond that would last a lifetime-ish. At least the eight minutes it takes to complete LEGO Batman 3's downloadable Arrow adventure.

Available today for the low price of $2.99, LEGO Batman 3's Arrow DLC is barely as long as one of Oliver Queen's frequent flashbacks, but it's likely the most fun series star Stephen Amell (sometimes pronounced however I pronounce it in the video below) has had since he started working on the show two and a half seasons ago.

If you don't mind spoilers, check out the video below of me playing through the bite-sized adventure.

Very short, but incredibly sweet. Never before have Oliver Queen and his best friend forever Slade Wilson been so similarly built. And while the adventure doesn't really amount to much in the grand scheme of things, I would have paid $2.99 for the nine new playable characters alone, so it all works out.


Here's a round-up of the new minifigures, complete with minor spoilers and major lies.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I can't help but feel a little sad that we aren't getting any Flash downloadable content for the game. Then again, it's the clash of tone between Arrow and LEGO that really makes this pack sing, so maybe we're better off without TV's Barry Allen.