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That’s right yet another fantasy series is going to stretch a single story into a trilogy because why not, especially as Harry Potter was where the idea of splitting the final book into two films seems to have come from.

This seems even more risky than previous as this is Rowling’s first film endeavour where she has taken a front seat in writing the story (previously she largely stuck to correcting errors and adding relevant information such as the divisive confirmation of Dumbledore as gay) which could go horribly wrong but also comes at a time where she is also splitting her attention between writing crime novels and a play based on Harry Potter’s kids meaning her focus is going to be split.

I’m still not convinced on the case the film is making even with the trailer as it seems much the same as the original series though the idea of focusing more on muggles who aren’t abusive relatives but instead is a soldier returning from the trenches is interesting if they put time into it.


It’l be interesting to see what comes from the film when it comes out but it could just suffer from Rowling’s tendency to over stuff her books with character feelings that bulk it out and slow it down and if this filler makes up the films many may not be happy as a result.

Hell as long as she doesn’t come back in 20 years time to retcon characters I’ll be happy.

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