Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Hey, so you know, there's a bunch of overlap here between fans (duh) and creative people (really?). I wanna see some stuff. Can we see stuff? The fandom is irrelevant, the age is irrelevant. If it's a picture you drew of Wolverine kissing Jean Grey in 1985 and you were seven, IT'S STILL COOL.

I would love to work out a mechanism so that there could be effectively anonymous posts—if someone wanted to throw something out but is too blushy to cop to the hot Transformer on Tony The Tiger BDSM, it would be a shame to miss interesting material that way. But since we still can't message, I can't work out how to do that...


Off the top of my head, my incomplete list includes:

  • Fanfic (poetry, prose, mad libs...)
  • Fanart (all media, digital and traditional, 2D or 3 (4 if you got 'em))
  • Cosplay
  • Fan fashion—t shirt designs or Dalek Speedos, or whatever floats your boat
  • Filk and other fannish music
  • Meta (analysis)
  • Picspams
  • GIFsets
  • Fanvids
  • Fan movies/sketches/other acted narratives
  • Fanmixes

I'll post something of mine in a reply. After someone else plays first. Please please please show some of your stuff...


Oh, and if I say "possibly NSFW" here, does that mean it's okay for people to post sexual images in reply? What are our boundaries? (mwahahafandomhaha)

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