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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Far Cry 4 needs a new name...

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...i'm thinking something like 'How to Do Drugs and Kill People...'.

Okay, first off, i'm generally loving the game... its basically Far Cry 3 2.0 - so right there should tell you if the game is for you (assuming you played 3, of course.)


My biggest problem i'm having with FC4 at the moment, and its with the mildest of spoilers, is that you're either injecting yourself with performance enhancing drugs before every fight or you find yourself being doped up the eyeballs with hallucinogens from pretty much every other quest giver for random reasons (and I do mean random, story wise - gameplay wise, its just so the devs can give you a freaky ass level to play through).

The protagonist has got more chems in his blood than a GlaxoSmithKline test subject. I surprised he's still standing.


I'm not even coming at this from an anti-drug angle either... just the whole ridiculousness (and boredom) of it, more than anything. Seriously, the devs of the Far Cry series seem to really love their drugs! :p

i am, however, utterly enjoying the one man killing spree aspect. Arnold in Commando has got nothing on my kill count.... nor variety of methodology, tbh.


i'm an artist with a block of C4...

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