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The Eisner award winning Scottish artist who drew Skizz passed away on December 29, aged 77. If you haven’t read Alan Moore’s mash-up of Boys from the Blackstuff and ET, go and find a copy. The Birmingham based tale of an alien stranded on Earth is a special comic.

But the artist who brought the strange ambassador from another world to life, Orkney-born Jim Baikie has a wider heritage in comics, often unrecognised but embracing romance, fantasy and action across the globe.


Baikie cut his teeth on Amalgamated’s Valentine, a weekly paper aimed at teen girls and would go on to draw for June, School Friend, Jinty, Tammy and other Fleetway girls titles. He branched out into television adaptations with The Monkees for Lady Penelope and early Star Trek for TV21 & Joe 90.

He also drew and painted for an assortment of annuals, including TV Tornado, and weeklies such as Look and Learn, Look-In, Countdown, 2000AD and more obscure publications such as Warrior. Strips included Doctor Who, Charlie’s Angels, Terrahawks, The Fall Guy, Bionic Action (which teamed Steve and Jamie), Saved by the Bell, and Captain Scarlet. In the Eighties he drew Vigilante for DC and would produce a variety of other work that included Electric Warrior, Batman, The Spectre and Teen Titans and Star Wars: Dark Empire for Dark Horse, then Clive Barker’s Nightbreed for Marvel.


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