Did anyone else catch the premiere of Fargo on FX last night? There were a few holes drilled in the ice and I'll keep watching to see what fish they pull out. Spoilers ahead.

First off, it's not the movie like the From Dusk Till Dawn series. It's an original story not done by the Coen Brothers though they're executive producers and their style is clearly present.

My big concern going into the show was that there would be too many quirky characters. I don't have a problem with quirkiness in general but like most things it's best in moderation. I was concerned the show might be mostly quirky characters to add to that Coen Brothers feel. The needle of my quirk-o-meter did edge towards the red line but fortunately stayed below it. The main characters have distinctive traits without treading into quirkiness though many of the minor characters were grating like the two sons of the trucking bully.

I should have seen it coming but I was caught by surprise when Martin Freeman's character hammers to his wife to death. As someone who bottles up their rage I know how easy it is for the wrong words at the wrong time to set off a violent explosion. It made Lester Nygaard much more interesting.


Billy Bob Thornton conveys a calm menace as the somewhat mysterious killer who sets events into motion. I really liked his encounter at the end with Colin Hanks' cop. He was prepared to kill the cop if necessary but really didn't want to since he gave the cop more than one opportunity to walk away. That scene probably did more to hook me than anything else.

If I understand correctly this is a one season story. If it gets another season it will be a different story and probably a different cast.