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Fast and the Furious 6: buckle up every which way but loose...

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awww yeeaaahh! *cough-cough* i mean, yes, I found it quite acceptable. :p

***No major spoilers other than a single very, very vague event that was given away in the trailers anyway.***


Okay, full disclosure, the extent of my car love starts and ends at Top Gear. I only hit up Jalopnik in between F5 refreshes of io9 and Kotaku and I dont actually own a drivers license.

Not that thats out of the way.... I loved this movie. And when I say that, I mean that I love watching the characters rip on each other, beat up each other and blow up every city they visit.


The car stuff is incidental. The street racing got old by the second one for me and i had pretty much bowed out by the 4th movie.

And then came The Rock.

Man, it is a serious crime this guy hasn't won more accolades. Okay, so he generally plays The Rock in whatever movie he happens to be but frankly, i'm fine with that because for me, Dwayne is probably the most watchable actor out there right now.


So FF5 was re-invigorated and I think even the rest of the cast found their second wind.

Fast and Furious 6 is basically more of everything.

The big set pieces are hung together by some great little bits of humor and fistfights and frankly, even the story is entertaining even if almost every development is telegraphed, emailed and sign-posted.


*vague spoiler coming up*

Frankly, my only big WTF moment was the highway chase. By my rough estimates, upwards of 20-30 civilians were creamed on that highway; some actually pretty graphically from the dummy body parts flying through the air.


It was pretty shocking but I will admit, I did seem to be only person taken aback by it all.

Mass-murder aside, the movie didn't really let up for a second and time flew by. It certainly didn't feel like a couple of hours.


As it's the 6th movie, its pretty safe to say that if the previous 5 movies turned you off, this really aint gonna do it for you.

If, like me, you have affection for the first one and found renewed faith by about the 5th then this is right up your street.


Frankly, I've heard people talk about spin-offs for The Rock's character. I can dig that.

Hand on heart though, I'm desperately trying not to refer to him as the Samoan Thor from now on... :p

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