FF6 was probably my favourite Furious movie but I think FF7 just took the lead. Just total 'ball-to-wall, make your head explode from all the explosions while i shift into fourteenth gear' action.

If it had any flaw, I would say it felt kinda aimless, with a energetic dive, twist and roll from one scene to another but while it all kinda made sense, I didn't reallly feel like a story was being told so much as hanging on by my nails as plot went by in a blur.

Still a great damn movie though.

Watched Super Fast the other day; kinda disappointed mainly by the fact that pretty much everything slightly funny was already in the trailer.

They really worked hard on the jokes. its incredible how hard they worked for the rest of it to not be even mildly funny.... and this is from someone who found Meet the Spartans hilarious.

I reckon Super Fast was a money laundering scheme. its the only explanation.