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Favorite and least fave Companions from "nu-Who"?

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So everyone is in a tizzy (a TIZZY, I SAY!) about the return of Rose Tyler in the 50th Anniversary.


Sorry, folks, but after the first season (with Eccleston) her character went downhill fast, in my opinion.


But I'm curious: am I the only one who thinks she ranks on the WORST Companions list?

Here's my top 3 fave Companions from the new series, and Top 3 Least Favorite

Top 3 Faves:

1) Rory Williams

2) Donna Noble

3) Captain Jack Harkness

Top 3 Least Faves:

1) Rose Tyler

2) Clara (though to be fair, she may bloom with Peter Capaldi, we shall see)

3) Martha Jones (but only because they made her another "I'm in love with the Doctor' Companion)

EDIT! I totally forgot about ADAM! 2 episodes only, and proof that you need to have a bit of a moral compass to travel in the TARDIS. I hadn't considered him a true Companion (as I never really considered Jackie Tyler as one) as they weren't really in the TARDIS that much or for that long. Mickey counts (in my mind) because he actually went along on a number of trips. If we count Adam though, he'd be in 2nd place behind Rose, and Clara would get bumped to 3rd place, giving Martha a reprieve. HA!

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