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Faz.Alam- AMA about Infectious Diseases

Hi, welcome to my AMA . I have a PhD in Infectious diseases, worked with GM bacteria, the flesh-eating disease, vaccines, and accidentally made a vagina glow in the dark. Ask me about Infectious diseases, or Peer Review.


A bit about me. I’ve blogged about science in one form or another over the last seven years. I’ve worked with infectious diseases, specifically Streptococcus Pyogenes. I’m a mod for the Microbiology Twitter Journal Club, which will be rebooting in September with a whole new team behind it.

Most recently I’ve been working on a set of articles for sciencemadeasy about the history of Peer review, and all of its flaws.


If any of you happen to find themselves in Gravesend on August 19th, you might be able to catch a talk I’m giving to the local Skeptics in The Pub, titled “Can Science Work When Scientists Get Things Wrong?”.

So feel free to ask me anything !

Edit: It’s now midnight in UK. If it seems like I’m not answering, it’s because I have collapsed at my keyboard and your question is now haunting my dreams. I’ll answer your questions when I wake up.

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