While the first episode of the new season focused on introducing new characters, the next two were bringing us up to speed on what was happening with the survivors of last season. One question jumps out at me (and probably most viewers) about a character. Oh, and something shocking happened.

Episodes 2 and 3 of the fourth season switched back and forth from the present where Nick, Alicia, Strand, and Luciana are getting to know Morgan, John, and Althea to the past where the former group along with Madison and random zombie fodder folks are hanging out at a baseball field.

Madison and Nick make nice with a silent girl, Charlie. found outside but it turns out she’s a spy for the new group of assholes. Called the Vultures, this group finds settlements and waits for them to collapse from whatever internal weakness they have then swoop in (like vultures) to pick clean what’s left. In the case of the ballpark, its crops become infested with weevils and they face starvation. The vultures are also the ones leaving the white banners showing how many of the Infected they’ve taken care of at a given location.

Nick has been skittish about going outside the ballpark but Madison finally gets him to go out with her to find food. Instead they find one of the the Vultures, Ennis, and his El Camino. Nick attacks the Vulture and almost kills him (Madison stops Nick). Charlie sees this and she chooses to leave with the Vulture. She is definitely not on Team Clark.


In the present Nick and Morgan are at Althea’s magic truck which is stuck in some mud while the rest of the combined group is looking for another truck to use for a recovery operation.

Nick sees the El Camino drive by and chases after it. Nick kills Ennis. Morgan gives Nick his copy of The Art of Peace to read telling him that all life is precious.

The magic truck arrives and everyone piles out. Nick is shot in the chest by Charlie and dies.


Yes, I left a lot of details out. I’m not doing an in depth recap but some background is necessary before I get to my question.

Where is Madison in the present? Nick and Alicia wouldn’t be traveling together without her unless there is a good reason since Madison’s primary motivation has always been her family, particularly Nick. Neither Nick nor Alicia have mentioned their mother so it’s an open question what her current status is.


The obvious answer is that she’s dead, probably due to the Vultures. Nick’s murderous rage at Ennis in the present makes sense if Nick blames him (or at least the Vultures) for his mother’s death.

Madison could be a captive of the Vultures but I would think Nick would have demanded to know where she was when he confronted Ennis.

Maybe Madison is off with her new friend, the mysterious Naomi (Jenna Elfman), on a middle-aged blond woman road trip. I would watch that spin-off show.


It looks like FtWD is going to be doing the timeline back and forth thing for a while. For one thing, the Vultures are still perched outside the ballpark so we have to see how that situation works out. While Nick and probably Madison are dead in the present, they still have plenty to do in the past. We probably won’t get an answer about what happened to Madison until at least the midseason finale (I still hate that this is a thing). 

Assorted Thoughts:


  • Between Charlie and Lizzie my big takeaway is don’t trust tweenage girls in the post-apocalyptic world.
  • Althea has several recordings marked “The Bog.” Any guesses what’s on them?