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Fear the Walking Dead Nitpick(s) of the Week

While the zombie action ramped up some this week, there’s still so much stupid stuff I couldn’t limit myself to one nitpick. I’m now afraid that even if this show improves in the last two episodes I’m so in the groove of ripping on it I won’t be able to notice. Spoilers incoming.

  • Every car in downtown LA has been crashed into, flipped over or set on fire except what’s-his-ass’s shitbox truck, which looks like it just came out of a car wash.
  • While I’ve never rioted myself, I don’t think rioters typically tend to jump up and down waving their arms or hang on scaffolding like they’re watching a Thunderdome bout.
  • So what the hell is the Halloween Haunt giant lobster trap zombie maze behind the house about?
  • “We’ll ride it out inside, doors locked, for the night, so tomorrow we can sit in the biggest fucking traffic jam ever in the history of a city where every non-zombie apocalypse day is already the most nightmarish traffic jam that ever existed.” Fixed it.

These have been your Fear the Walking Dead Nitpicks of the Week.

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