If you saw the end of last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead then you could probably guess what this week’s episode would be about. Someone has a chance at a new start and a new face is added to the cast.

Last week we found out that Daniel Salazar was not quite dead yet. So this week we catch up on what he was doing for the back half of last season while most of the others were chilling at a beach resort.

While Daniel survived the fire at the villa, he did not escape unscathed. He has been burned and the injuries almost cost him his life until he’s found by Efrain. Daniel’s new friend takes him to a fountain that flows briefly once a week (remember water is a big TEOTWAWKI commodity) then to a woman named Lola who treats his burns. In the Walking Dead world no good deed goes unpunished so saving Daniel will come back to bite Lola and Efrain in their asses.

When Daniel later washes up at a familiar looking dam, it turns out that Lola works there doing water treatment and secretly sending water to the fountain for Efrain to provide to people outside. Daniel tries to keep a low profile but the local jeffe, Dante, realizes he used to be part of the El Salvadorian Sombra Negra. Dante puts Daniel to work tracking down the water thief.


Daniel spots Strand when he first arrives at the dam. He visits Strand at his cell and asks about Ofelia, who he fears was killed in the fire. Strand starts out telling the truth but overplays his hand by saying that Ofelia is waiting for him. Daniel knows he’s lying so Daniel will get him out. Instead Daniel leaves Strand to rot in his cell.

Daniel has to make a decision when he realizes Dante’s men are about to discover the fountain and instead leads them to Efrain’s hideout. Dante then tasks Daniel with torturing Efrain to find his accomplice on the inside. Daniel promises Efrain a quick death but at the last minute Lola intercedes and reveals she’s the inside person. At the dam’s catwalk of death Daniel kills Dante and his security head instead of executing Lola and Efrain. Daniel hands Lola his pistol, expecting her to kill him for his betrayal. But instead she extends her hand.

Assorted Thoughts:


  • This soon after TEOTWAWKI people like Dante and the folks running the cartel supermarket last season are still trying to operate a market economy of some sort. It’s really more of a barter type system since fiat money is worthless without a government to back it though controlling the main source of water in the area means Dante and his people can get supplies they need in exchange. If he had lived would Dante have eventually expanded into a Negan-style protection racket?
  • Speaking of Negan, will there be hints of the Saviors’ rise?
  • With Dante gone will water distribution go from a capitalist model to a socialist one? (If so Dante will be spinning in his grave.) Since Lisandra Tena has been added to the regular cast I expect we’ll find out.
  • Most of dialogue in the episode is spoken in Spanish with English subtitles. This makes sense since most of the dialogue is native Spanish speakers talking to each other. But I’m sure it still bothered some people.


  • I’m also sure I missed a bunch of symbolism in this episode.
  • I’ll keep asking this every week until there’s an answer. Where is Ofelia?