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Fear The Walking Dead: Welp, I'm Scared.

If you’re not familiar, sometimes I like to review tv shows, in my own special way. Mostly I tend to keep with the Marvel lineup, but sometimes, just sometimes, something special comes along and grabs my attention.

Fear the Walking Dead is that something special, and oh boy did it deliver.

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We all know the story of Rick Grimes, waking up a few weeks after the walker apocalypse (no zombies here!) So far in The Walking Dead, we’re a good three years post shit storm.

With Fear the Walking Dead, we begin right before (or, as Nick woke up, in the middle of) the very same shit storm.



I had my doubts, but the way this show was marketed was 100% accurate. We as viewers already know what’s coming, (Thanks to Rick) but it is intense seeing these people get there. Fear the Walking Dead has a promising future, and after the first episode, I’m happy it’s already renewed for Season 2.


1. Even though the first walker we see is the lost Franco brother’s den-mate, the person she was eating looked like a homage to the first Walker Rick encountered in The Walking Dead’s cold open: the little girl. Both she and the guy getting ate in the Church had the same part of their faces missing, revealing their teeth. Nice touch.

2. Another thing I noticed: the way Nick Franco walked when he woke up from his trip (and to a lesser extend, during the rest of the show) was very walker-esque. It’s a nice visual reminder that we are, in fact, the Walking dead.


3. Like I already said earlier, HOLY SHIT this show is good at the buildup and suspense. When Nick Franco (come on he is like the 3rd Franco brother JUST LOOK AT HIM. LOOK.) sees the blood on the piano, I just KNEW what he would find, but was still on the edge of my seat.

That trend continued throughout the show, from Mom walking in on the Principal “evaluating” the teachers to Travis Steel Balls checking out the shooting gallery, I was seriously concerned and READY for shit to go down. Well played Kirkman and crew. Well. Played.


4. Franco. Lose the blouse. It’s only slowing you down.

5. After Franco got hit by the car, the pan up from him to a bustling LA was a stark contrast and reminder that all this is happening behind the scenes, and the majority of the world has no idea (save for dingus with the knife and Internet connection.)


6. Another thing: Speaking of the buildup (dun Dun DUNN) it was super eerie hearing the emergency vehicle presence increase throughout the show. At the beginning, it was background noise. It got louder and louder, to the helicopters over the hospital to the sirens at Dennys (let’s be real, it’s Dennys. Those sirens were probably an ambulance leaving the Denney with a vict- customer.) By the end, most background noise was sirens. DUDE.

Now I’m going to be all paranoid every time I hear a police helicopter, ass.

7. Text to Matt: You better be dead!!

He ded.

8. Something else this show nails: social media. Most of the news I get I see on twitter first. The way shit happens, from riots in the Midwest to North Korea lobbing duds, to Chinese warehouses exploding, it ends up as a quick video on my phone hours before CNN or Faux News even acknowledges something happened.


Of COURSE kids are going to see this shit online, and when it happens for real, most people will be stocking up before the authorities acknowledge a problem.

9. Franco is going to last a long time in this world. When it hits the fan, he bugs out. There is little hesitation there. Girlfriend eating a dude? NOPE! Shoot your goody goody dealer? BYE.


Rule #1: Cardio.

10. Look at the scene from the beginning of the episode and compare it to the last: pan up, city unawares. Life goes on. At the beginning, Franco was freaked out and tripping. At the end? He was the only one that was processing what was happening.


11. Preview for this season: from the scenes teased for the rest of the season, I get the feeling that the Governor may have had the right idea when he first met that group of soldiers. Just sayin’.

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