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It’s the final round of the February Musical Madness. We started out with sixty-four top notch musicals, but we’ve reached the point where we have to decide which shall be the winner. Just one more round, and we’ll have chosen our star. Who shall it be?

Well, that was certainly a decisive round. West Side Story nearly doubled the amount of votes given to Fiddler on the Roof. Rural tradition had no chance against urban Shakespeare it seems. But that’s the way these things go sometimes.


On the other side of the bracket, we had a closer contest that resulted in Chicago overcoming The Rocky Horror Show. Only a fourteen vote difference separated these two contenders thanks to a late night surge. But this is where we say goodbye to the plucky Rocky, as it is Chicago that moves on to the final.

This is it. The conclusion of the musical madness is a battle between Chicago and West Side Story. Fosse vs Robbins/Sondheim*. It’s not the final many of expected, but it’s a worthy final nonetheless.

Championship Round

Chicago vs West Side Story


There will be a post announcing the winner after the polls close. It’s been quite a lot of fun running this, and I hope most people enjoyed it. I know a vocal few haven’t, so I’m not sure if I’ll continue with March, but for everyone else, thanks for participating!

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