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February Musical Madness: The Elite 8

Eight contenders remain in the February Musical Madness. We’re rapidly approaching the final round where we will decide which musical reigns supreme over them all. Which ones will survive this round? It’s time to vote and find out.

Well, that was one hell of a round wasn’t it? Unbelievably, The Lion King tied its competitor for the second time in a row! Rather than settle the issue with a Twitter poll, an online coin toss was undertaken, and Simba squeezed by in a best of 3 runoff.


Elsewhere in the bracket we saw Les Miserables hold on barely against My Fair Lady and West Side Story triumph over The King and I. The plucky Little Shop of Horrors and Rocky Horror Show continue their unlikely runs. And Chicago continues to be Chicago.

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The choices for this round are even more difficult than before.

Region 1

Les Miserables vs West Side Story


Region 2

Fiddler on the Roof vs Little Shop of Horrors


Region 3

Phantom of the Opera vs The Rocky Horror Show


Region 4

The Lion King vs Chicago



Elite 8: Today

Final 4: Tues. Feb. 23

Championship: Thurs. Feb. 25

Just want to say thanks again for participating. We’re nearing the end, but we still need your votes to get there. Hope everyone is still having fun.

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